Do It Yourself With XM Trade

The XM Trade platform incorporates all of our knowledge and expertise into a single, easy-to-use online software.

Export Management Software

We have developed the only online export management software for consumer product makers.  The XM Trade platform incorporates all of our knowledge and expertise into a single, easy-to-use online software.  Track and manage every contact, company, product and sales opportunity from the initial offer stage to final payment and shipment across all regions and territories.  Get easy access to all new product offers and sales opportunities.  See what stage each opportunity is progressing through and set reminders for easy follow up.  XM Trade will help you increase sales to existing buyers and also help you find new buyers by connecting you with over 15,000 consumer product buyers in over 100 countries.

Unlimited Number of Users

XM Trade includes many other features like a built-in appointment scheduler/calendar so you can easily set meetings for upcoming tradeshows and industry events.  Never miss another meeting.  There is no per seat fee (aka user tax).  XM Trade offers an unlimited number of users per account so the organization may benefit from the visibility XM Trade offers across all departments.  There are hundreds of customizable reports across products, buyers, countries and opportunities.  Send a customized price quote to multiple buyers with just a click of the mouse or get a snap shot of the global status for any product by checking the live interactive map of the world for each product you offer.

XM Trade “FileShare”

In addition, XM Trade includes the unlimited use of XM Trade “FileShare” which allows you to upload and share large media files, high-resolution artwork for print ads and packaging and other required documents with specific buyers in a secure, password protected environment.  FileShare protects your files from multiple downloads and tracks each download for your IP protection.

Dedicated and Customizable

XM Trade is the only online platform that includes a dedicated and customizable public product page that accommodates multiple images and descriptions, video content and a complete product and company profile for visitors to see easily from any market or on any web enabled device (including smart phones and tablets).
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