Innovative Export Management Solutions

Find New Buyers

With millions of units sold worldwide, our distributors are the right buyers for you.


Find New Products

Our innovative direct to consumer products have proven and successful sales track records.


Trade Platform

Our GlobeTrader platform offers “Do It Yourself” B2B at your fingertips.


What XM Works can do for you

Distribution Channels

Establish widespread product awareness while identifying the most effective distribution channels for your specific product line.  We have hundreds of large volume distributors in over 90 countries covering TV Home Shopping, Web, Print and Retail channels.

Strategic Alliances

Maximize a variety of industry contacts and strategic alliances in every potential market for help with importation, regulatory approvals, marketing, distribution and customer / buyer retention.

Trained Personnel

Allocate specialized local resources and trained personnel for every step of the marketing, sales and distribution process. Our team is highly trained and experienced in bringing consumer products to the international marketplace.

Monitor the Logistics

Manage, coordinate and monitor the entire export process, including product inspection, freight forwarding, commercial document preparation, customs clearance and financial transaction oversight including Letter of Credit negotiations.